January 23

Embrace Your Imposter Syndrome

Everybody feels it.

Imposter syndrome can be a beast. At the beginning of the school year I got an email from an incoming freshman at Stanford, who was suffering from a classic case. She had decided to pursue a Computer Science major, but was feeling afraid of approaching professors and research groups to ask for work.

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December 20

Welcome to your Crowd!

All the helpful people you actually know and care about.

Think for a second - how many people do you know well enough that you would help them if they asked? It’s probably quite a few!

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December 18

When things are tough - reach out.

Your community’s wisdom can help you overcome challenges.

Sometimes life can seem like an endless string of problems. If you’ve ever been laid off, endured a breakup, struggled in school - or all 3 at once! - you’ll know what I mean.

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November 11

Make an offer they can’t refuse

Say what you will do, not what you’ve done

I think we can all agree that job searching is no fun. It’s demoralizing to scour job boards, put hours into each application, and still…crickets. I’ve been there before, and recently I chatted with another member of the BrightCrowd community who was in that very spot.

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October 30

The Art of the Ask

Make it an experience, not a transaction

It can be tough to get a person’s attention nowadays. After all, your email is invariably buried in a pile of a hundred unread messages, which are hastily checked (and deleted) in between meetings. Yikes.

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October 13

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

It’s about showing up, not showing off

Social media gets a bad rap these days, and it’s not hard to understand why. There’s a platform for every self-promotional purpose, from big career moves to the smoothie you had for breakfast. Scrolling through someone’s “perfect” Instagram feed can feel demoralizing, and the pressure to measure up seems to be growing. We want to break out of the self-promotion arms race. That’s why BrightCrowd was born.

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